The organizing revolution sparked by my Mom's hospitalization!

Can You Pass This Test?

  • If you have a Passport, when does it expire?
  • If you had to evacuate, do you have a dedicated, portable solution for essential documents?
  • How often do you review the beneficiaries on your life insurance policy?
  • Do you carry your Social Security Card in your wallet/purse? (Hint- you shouldn't)
  • How long would it take you to gather your Birth Certificate/Will/Vehicle Titles/Deed or Lease/Short Term Care Policy?
  • Can you access your most important personal documents within 60 seconds?

If you struggle with any of the above, you may need...

The Document LIFEGuard Kit System!

The LIST (free)

This is the first step in assessing what general, yet important documents you have, need, or need to update

THE LIST can be used as a stand alone worksheet and it is FREE!


The Big Three

1) Your Living Will (Advanced Health Directives)

2) Power of Attorney/Finances

3) Last Will (and Trust)

Most people understand the importance of these documents, but most fail to get them done or properly updated

They are emotional documents that cause us to think about the end of life, but when we do these tasks it is a precious gift for those left behind

THE BIG THREE is the second step and part of the Document LIFEGuard System which helps evaluate where you are now

The Document LIFEGuard Kit System

Your Important Personal Documents

Complete, Safe, Accessible

The LIFEGuard Kit will walk you through the process of understanding what is important for you, what to complete or update, where and how to store these items, and how to communicate to those who need to know.



Your Important Personal Documents

Complete, Safe, Accessible

Although we have many options to store items digitally, there will always be actual paper documents that must be kept and secured. Think of property deeds, vehicle titles, birth certificates, social security cards, passports, etc. Not to mention the BIG THREE (Living Will/Power of Attorney/Last Will)!

While you can create a system of putting your papers into a file cabinet, safe deposit box, or box in your basement, are these the most appropriate, protected, yet accessible options? For example, did you know that you should never store your Will in a safe deposit box?

What if you could have any of your most important documents at your fingertips within 60 seconds. What if those documents were safe from fire or water damage. What if your documents included instructions on what to do if you were incapacitated or passed away? This is what the LIFEGuard Kit is all about.

"I Have Some Physical Documents.

Where Should I Store Them?

Putting it all together

The LIFEGuard Kit Binder is a physical 3-ring binder, 24 section organizer, and page protectors that will keep all of your important documents organized and accessible.

It comes with physical copies of THE LIST, THE BIG THREE, and much more.

The LIFEGuard Kit Binder is the third step in getting you beyond just organized. Here you will store actual documents or information on where to find dcouments.

The LIFEGuard Kit System

The LIFEGuard Kit System includes all of the following for only $77.

  • Customizable 3-Ring Binder
  • 24 Section Organizer Pages
  • 25 Document Storage Sleeves
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Walkthrough Videos
  • And More!!!